Brand Story

"Empowering women: inspiring women and standing up for themselves and each other.”

We're a Canadian brand that has been making waves for the past 2 years, and today we want to share the stories that drive our movement. Let's dive into the world of Amy, the driving force behind everything we do.

Amy's childhood was marked by a battle against a disease that forced her to rely on hormone drugs. These medications took a toll, causing her weight to double. From a little girl weighing less than 176 pounds to 396 pounds, Amy carried the weight of discrimination and an overwhelming sense of inferiority throughout her formative years. The world seemed closed off, as her peers reveled in beauty while she silently observed from the shadows, feeling disconnected and unworthy.

In a courageous attempt to change her narrative, Amy tried every way she could to shed the weight. But for the person who was dependent on medication, progress felt elusive. Frustration grew, leading her to share her journey on social media. Little did she know that her vulnerability would spark a revolution.

Support poured in from friends who saw beyond society's standards, reminding Amy that “You are the true measure of beauty." Encouraged by these empowering voices, she took a leap of faith and embraced a new wardrobe. No longer confined to loose T-shirts and jeans, Amy adorned herself in dresses, vests, and shorts that celebrated her unique curves. Though she encountered judgmental gazes at first, Amy discovered that the true reward lay in the liberation she felt within herself. Why should she make life difficult? Why should anxiety hold her captive? Her mindset shifted, and her transformation began.

Yet, as Amy explored the world of fashion, she realized the limitations of the plus-size market. She yearned for warmth and style in winter, with fleece leggings, mesh knits, velvet hearts, lace, bows, and vibrant skirts... Sadly, such options were scarce for women like her. Driven by her unfulfilled childhood dreams, Amy took matters into her own hands.

In the year 2020, armed with a sewing machine and unwavering determination, Amy delved into the world of design. The journey was full fill of challenges, from selecting fabrics to honing her craft. But with perseverance, she created her first masterpiece—a dress adorned with lace trim and intricate details. Donning her creation, Amy attended the life-altering Fat Crowd Liberation Party, where she basked in admiration. Her friends were captivated by her exquisite attire, longing to possess such beauty themselves. Amy felt sorry because it was designed and made by herself and couldn't meet everyone's needs. Then this pivotal moment ignited a fire within her.

Amy resolved to amplify the voices of plus-size women, fighting for their right to embrace beauty on their terms. In a world where the market failed to cater to their needs, she stepped up to lead the charge. With one sewing machine and boundless passion, Amy founded her own studio in the latter half of 2021, birthing the brand "Sveltors" (a fusion of "svelte" and "ors").

Today, Sveltors is more than a brand; it's a movement, a testament to the power of self-love and the pursuit of beauty without limits. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where we celebrate diversity, empower women, and defy the boundaries that seek to hold us back. Together, we can rewrite the narrative.