About Us

"Empowering women: inspiring self-love and embracing beauty without limits."

Meet Amy, the driving force behind our Canadian brand. From childhood battles with a disease and weight gain, Amy faced discrimination and a sense of inferiority. But her vulnerability sparked a revolution when she shared her journey on social media.

Supported by empowering voices, Amy embraced a new wardrobe that celebrated her unique curves. Liberation replaced anxiety, and her mindset shifted. However, the limited options in the plus-size market inspired Amy to take matters into her own hands.


Armed with determination and a sewing machine in 2020, Amy delved into designing the PLUS SIZE FASHION. Overcoming challenges, she created her first masterpiece—a dress that captivated her friends. Realizing the unmet needs of plus-size women, Amy resolved to amplify their voices and founded Sveltors in 2021.(a fusion of "svelte" and "ors").

Today, Sveltors is more than a brand; it's a movement. Join us in celebrating diversity, empowering women, and defying boundaries. Together, let's rewrite the narrative.